Z ogromnym smutkiem żegnamy zmarłego
w dniu 29 listopada 2017
Pana Charlesa Merrilla.
Pozostanie w naszej pamięci jako wielki filantrop, dobry i skromny człowiek.

Odszedł nasz Przyjaciel i Dobroczyńca.
Zawsze był otwarty na drugiego człowieka. 

Bardzo nam jest żal. 

Składamy wyrazy współczucia Julie i Rodzinie.



Na stronie Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership pojawiła się notatka o pracy Maryana.
Reprodukcja tej pracy jest też na naszej stronie pod adresem:

Personnage with Hood and Donkey Ears




Personnage with Hood and Donkey Ears
Maryan S. Maryan spent the majority of his artistic career painting solitary grotesque figures, many with hoods, animal ears, and explosions of innards. These “personnages,” as he called them, reflect the horror and trauma of his wartime experiences.


Maryan S. Maryan
United States 1971|

Maryan S. Maryan was born Pinchas Burstein in Nowy-Sącz, Poland, in 1927. He spent the war years in various ghettos, labor camps, and concentration camps and suffered countless horrors, including the loss of his family, being shot in the neck and left for dead, and being forced to carry corpses to a crematorium. As the Russians arrived to liberate the camps he was shot in the leg, which was amputated to save his life.


The trauma of Maryan’s Holocaust experience is an unmistakable force in his work. The artist Irving Petlin, a close friend of Maryan’s, remarked, “He made pictures like other people throw-up—they were literally spewed out, one after another.” Petlin’s description reflects not only Maryan’s unstoppable production—paintings were often completed in a single day—but also the violent expulsions of multicolored absurdity, fear, and even bodily matter that appear in Maryan’s work. Maryan died at age 50, after suffering from emotional and physical deterioration.


Herman Spertus, one of the brothers for whom Spertus Institute is named, was deeply affected by Maryan’s talent and struggles. He was an early collector of Maryan’s work, hosted the artist for a period of time in his home, and introduced his work to other important collectors. Because of this significant artist-patron relationship, Spertus Institute has 53 works by Maryan in its collection, as well as an archive of related materials.


Wystawa "Jacques Grinberg, Michel Macréau, Maryan, Marcel Pouget : retour sur quelques artistes de la Nouvelle Figuration" w galerii Polad-Hardouin.


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